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Partnering in Business with Germany

Partnership programme
for business cooperation

Global support for small and medium-sized enterprises

Partnering in Business with Germany is a global programme of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and designed to promote foreign trade and investment. It seeks to help SMEs from developing and emerging countries forge successful business ties with German SMEs. Each year, around 1,000 managers from around the world are prepared to enter the German market and brought into contact with German companies that themselves are interested in entering new markets abroad. The programme leads to the establishment of long-term business partnerships and a global network of internationally active SMEs.

Partnering in Business with Germany cuts across all sectors. However, there is a growing focus on decarbonisation and climate action.


17 partner countries – 17 markets. Learn more about our 17 partner countries.


German companies participate in the programme every year. Two thirds of these German companies are SMEs.


selected managers from abroad have been prepared for business with Germany under the programme since 1998. They form a global network of internationally active SMEs.

The special thing about the Programme is that the expertise of German SMEs gets taken straight across to developing and emerging markets, and that this leads to useful business contacts – to the advantage of both sides, because both sides learn from it. It’s a prime example of cooperation.

Dr. Robert Habeck
Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

Forward-looking promotion of foreign trade and investment for a global network of competitive SMEs ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Find reliable local partners – gain access to new markets

Partnering in Business with Germany is your gateway to foreign markets, currently 17 of them. You will find trusted local partners quickly and without a hassle. Learn how this programme will allow you to forge long-term business contacts now.

Forge useful contacts with German companies

Access to the German market, successful cooperation, management skills you need for successful business with Germany – these are the benefits Partnering in Business with Germany can offer you.

Feedback about the programme

The programme gives companies from abroad a very good toolbox for approaching German companies. This has helped us a lot, because our Indian partner knew where his focus should be and where the difficulties lay. Partnering in Business with Germany has helped us understand the exact potential India has to offer our company.

Lena Neumann
AVISTA OIL AG, business partner of IFP Petro Products Private Limited (India) in the field of the circular economy

Trust is essential. Coming here on a German programme is totally different from coming here on my own. Under the programme, you’ll hear from Germans what to expect, how they do business here, what information you should provide.

Lorena Santana (Chile)
DO! Smart City, business partner of Bable Smartcity in the field of Industrie 4.0

In our experience, the exchange of visits is crucial for driving forward collaboration between potential partners. Through the participation in Partnering in Business with Germany, our business partner was able to convince us of his business idea.

Thomas Dory
Bert Energy GmbH, business partner of Membranas Los Volcanes (Mexico) in the field of biogas

25 years of support for cross-border business cooperation

Partnering in Business with Germany is the link between Germany and companies from 17 countries. Discover partner countries.

What’s new in Partnering in Business with Germany?

Learn more about our successful B2B cooperation and visits to German companies. Read on to see what fields and industries are in the focus in the various countries.

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