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Information about the partnership

Partner country since 2013

Participants in the programme to date: 529 executives

Political partner for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action: Secretariat of Economy of the United Mexican States

Nearshoring, the increase in foreign direct investment and other factors have given the stagnating Mexican economy fresh momentum after the COVID-19 pandemic. An increasing number of international companies are investing in Mexican production sites. This opens up potential for closer cooperation with Mexico, particularly in manufacturing and areas in which German companies have a strong presence such as the automotive and supplier industry. Mexico’s highly qualified workforce, low labour costs in the manufacturing industry and the preferential tariffs under the free trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada (USMCA agreement) make it an attractive destination for investment.

Partnering in Business with Germany is open to managers from all sectors. Managers from the food industry, the automotive industry and healthcare have been taking part in the programme for many years. Now, ever more managers from the green economy are joining the programme – sometimes in joint groups with Chilean managers – so as to harness regional synergies.

There are two alumni organisations in Mexico: Empresarios México Alemanes AC (EMAAC) and the Mexican Forum for International Business AC. These organisations help foster the development of new business relations between Mexico and Germany.

Your contact in Mexico

Secretariat of Economy of the United Mexican States
Contact person:
Danahi Suárez Acosta, Director for institutional programmes and projects

Your contacts to former participants of the programme

EMAAC – Empresarios México Alemanes AC.
Contact person:
Josef Modlmayer, President
Mexican Forum for international Business AC
Contact person:
Mariana Alonso, Präsidentin

How to contact us

Contact person:
Babette Bolz-White
+49 228 4460-1311
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 32+36 53113 Bonn

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