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Manager Training Programme Goes Green

For many companies Green Economy is already an integral component of their corporate activities – also in the case of the managers from Chile and Mexico who visited Germany in June within the framework of the Manager Training Programme. It was a recurrent topic throughout the Programme.

The entrepreneurs came from different industries such as energy, consultancy, chemicals or trade with dietary supplements, forestry equipment or machinery. Nevertheless, their strong commitment to sustainability united them. “Green Economy is not an option; we are inevitably heading in this direction. It concerns the raw materials, processes and energy we consume”, says Alfredo García Barranco, Director of Mexochem, an adhesive manufacturer, describing his motivation for the topic.

The visit to cph Deutschland Chemie GmbH was a highlight of the stay in Germany. Here the emphasis was explicitly on Green Economy. Cph is a privately run medium-sized enterprise specialising in the development, production and sale of industrial adhesives.


Gerwin Schüttpelz

Cph has already attached great importance to sustainability for decades now. For Managing Director Gerwin Schüttpelz, the emphasis of the Mexican-Chilean group’s visit was therefore a “home game as we have already attached value to sustainability for more than 40 years in all areas of our business, from the development to the marketing of a product.” Schüttpelz sees clear advantages of the visit both for the participants and his own company. “The core lies in the word exchange, namely talking with the participants, listening and hearing what is currently important in the individual countries and learning from each other.” The participants are continuing this exchange with cph in the spirit of the Programme.

Not only the visit to cph was of particular interest to Tábata Nava Monroy, Business Developer at Interplayo, a business producing adhesive film among other things. “The participation in the MP enables me to exchange information with other participants and entrepreneurs regarding business challenges and how they are dealing with the global crisis.” Moreover, Nava Monroy appreciates the feedback on her own leadership and what she could change. “This has made it clear to me that I must repeatedly change things and have a global perspective on the company itself.”