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Information about the partnership

Partner country since 2014

Participants in the programme to date: 174 executives

Political partner for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action: Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Republic of Tunisia

Germany is Tunisia’s third most important trading partner. Germany’s trade balance with Tunisia has traditionally been negative. The reason for this is that Tunisia is closely integrated into the German supply chains, especially in the motorised vehicle supply industry and garment manufacturing. Almost all German automotive suppliers are currently expanding their production in the country. Automotive manufacturers are also investing in research and development on the ground. Tunisia has strategic importance for Germany as a gateway to the French-speaking African countries, and the two countries share many interests in innovative fields such as Industrie 4.0, renewables, pharmaceuticals and the circular economy. An energy partnership between Germany and Tunisia and a green hydrogen business alliance are in place. The country also has a young population and highly qualified workers.

Partnering in Business with Germany is open to managers from all sectors. Tunisian managers from the sectors of food, textiles, pharmaceuticals and solar technology are taking part in the programme. Going forward, a stronger focus is to be placed on the sectors of renewable energy and energy efficiency (wind and solar, green hydrogen), the circular economy, waste management and Industrie 4.0. In light of recent climate action efforts and already existing cooperation projects on hydrogen, the outlook for low-carbon sectors is bright.

An alumni organisation is currently being set up.

Your contact in Tunisia

Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Republic of Tunisia
Contact person:
Adnane Zidane

Your contact to former participants of the programme

Contact person:
Wissem Smiri

How to contact us

Contact person:
Jörg Schreiber
+49 228 4460-1667
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 32+36 53113 Bonn

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