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Upturn in the Architecture and Construction Sector Ströher clinker bricks characterise the modern face of Kyrgyzstan

In the heart of Central Asia, a fruitful connection between the Kyrgyz architect Aibek Sydykov and the German company Ströher GmbH has brought about architectural change. The long-standing cooperation, which originated from the “Partnering in Business with Germany” programme, has proved to be a successful business model for both sides, creating growth and, at the same time, transforming the appearance of Kyrgyz buildings.

Sydykov as an ambassador of Ströher products

Through the Programme, Aibek Sydykov, an experienced architect and entrepreneur, was appointed as the official representative of Ströher in Kyrgyzstan. This position enabled him to introduce Ströher products on the local market, which led to a significant change in the aesthetic appearance of buildings and facades in Kyrgyzstan.

Efficient corporate management: A formula for success from Germany

Inspired through his visits to companies and the training in Germany, Sydykov optimised processes in his firm. The introduction of efficient controlling and the creation of clear areas of responsibility led to a smart cost structure and improved work organisation. “I was able to increase the efficiency of my team considerably”, Sydykov says. He employed his successful approach to form another promising partnership with a German company. Sydykov has been working as an architecture and colour consultant for the company Ströher for some years now, a company specialising in building materials such as coverings and paints.

Sydykov’s network and his expertise were decisive for our success,

- Andreas Manweiler, Sales Manager of Ströher GmbH
During the factory tour of Ströher GmbH @Aibek Sydykov

Progressive internationalisation: Ströher on the road to success in Central Asia

Ströher GmbH concentrates on the production of façade bricks and ceramic floor tiles. One third of its turnover is derived from international business. The cooperation with Aibek Sydykov has advanced the internationalisation ambitions of the long-established Hessian company. Andreas Manweiler, Sales Manager for the region, stresses the significance of Sydykov, who, through his profound market knowledge and his contacts, has contributed to the increase in brand awareness and to sustainable growth of the business in Kyrgyzstan. “Sydykov’s network and his expertise were decisive for our success”, Manweiler says. Business was so successful that Ströher opened its own representation in Almaty.

Fruitful cooperation: Modernisation and a new architectural style in Kyrgyzstan

The cooperation between ASM and Ströher has not only modernised the aesthetic appearance of buildings in Kyrgyzstan but also shaped a new architectural style. This successful German-Kyrgyz cooperation shows how international business partnerships bring about far-reaching positive changes that go far beyond the objective of the Programme.