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Smart Farming and Sustainable Food Processing

Vietnamese executives learned about climate and environmentally friendly cultivation and processing methods from Germany during visits to German companies as part of the Manager Training Programme – and made promising business contacts in the process.

The German market is of high interest to the Vietnamese entrepreneurs, most of whom are involved in the cultivation of agricultural products, food processing and the production of fertilisers and pesticides. In Vietnam, awareness of measures for climate and environmentally friendly cultivation and processing methods for food is steadily increasing, and climate change is creating new challenges for agricultural production.

Through company visits, among others, suppliers of machines for the precise application of fertilisers and seeds, digital solutions for networking agricultural data and agricultural technology, AI-supported solutions for efficient irrigation and organic fertilisers and pesticides, the programme participants not only gained knowledge about current developments and challenges in German agricultural production; German and Vietnamese entrepreneurs used the group visit appointments to subsequently hold individual meetings and concretised cooperation opportunities already during their stay in Germany.

The Karlsruhe-based start-up GmbH, for example, is in close exchange with four Vietnamese agricultural companies interested in the irrigation management system “WaterFox”, which is based on agronomic models, sensors and satellite data. “For us as a young start-up, the visit of the Vietnamese companies was an excellent and low-effort opportunity to present ourselves in a foreign market that we had not previously focused on. We had not expected concrete cooperation opportunities to arise so quickly,” says Josia Fritz, Product Manager of GmbH.