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Sustainable energy: Thomas Preuhs Holding in dialogue with Central Asian managers

The spotlight during the exchange at the Preuhs Campus was on technologies aimed at utilizing renewable energies in building energy supply and fostering corporate sustainability, engaging managers from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

Thomas Preuhs Holding GmbH is a family-run group of companies whose subsidiaries are involved in various forms of renewable energy and sustainable technology. The Swabian company serves as best practice in the field of energy supply: The Preuhs campus is supplied with purely regional, renewable energy. The buildings are supplied by a substantial ice storage tank holding 1 million litres coupled with heat pumps and photovoltaics on both the roof and the walls. Guided tours of the technical facilities and the holding company’s production spaces and warehouses gave the Central Asian group a valuable insight into the topic and provided a good basis for subsequent discussions.

The exchange with the founder of the holding company, Thomas Preuhs, not only covered sustainable topics in the field of energy, but also the expansion, structuring and organisation of the Preuhs Group. Ayna Ovezova, CEO of the Turkmen company Horjun Organic and a programme participant, is not alone in being impressed by the fact that the holding company also supports start-up companies: “I myself was one of the first participants in a start-up programme in my country and therefore greatly appreciate the holding company’s work in investing in young companies.” Maskat Batyrov, Supply Chain Manager at Dort Tarap Logistika, emphasised the relevance of the support for the economic and social development of companies. “This model also gives other families the chance to develop their businesses.”

The exchange with the managers is also enriching for the German company, emphasised Boris Retzlaff, press spokesman for Preuhs Holding. “The dialogue serves as a clear indicator of our company’s position. For Managing Director Thomas Preuhs, personally engaging with interested parties is very important.”