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Managers from Azerbaijan and Mongolia experience agricultural machinery innovation

A delegation from Azerbaijan and Mongolia recently visited the German family-run business Lemken to experience agricultural machinery up close. LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG is a pioneer in the production of machinery and equipment for agriculture. Its portfolio includes a wide range of products that support farmers in tilling, sowing, tending, and harvesting crops. With over 240 years of experience, Lemken is an excellent partner for international companies that would like to cooperate with Germany.

The company tour provided an in-depth insight into the production processes of agricultural machinery. After a warm welcome, managers visited the production facilities to learn about the different phases of the manufacturing process of agriculture machinery. This was an opportunity to appreciate the precision and care that goes into every step of the production cycle. A Mongolian participant remarked impressed: “It is very interesting to see how a German company assembles machine parts. I can take this information into my company and adapt it there.” The visitors also gained technical knowledge about the design and functioning of the machinery. “It’s great to understand how these machines work and how they make farmers’ work more efficient,” another participant highlighted.

Photo Copyright: CEFE International

The tour rounded off with a visit to a showroom, showcasing the latest products and innovations. The German business is continuously working to integrate new technologies and materials into its products. “The innovations at Lemken are impressive. They show that the company is always striving to modernize and improve agriculture,” so another participant.