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From Fun to Sustainability: German-Vietnamese alliance shapes the future of the packaging industry

We all remember the fun we had as children squeezing the air out of air cushion wrap and the popping sound it made. However, conventional air cushion wraps are anything but environment-friendly. A pioneering German-Vietnamese business cooperation established within the scope of the Partnering in Business with Germany programme illustrates that packaging can very well be both sustainable and environment-friendly and how growth and protection of the environment go hand in hand.

Flöter Verpackungs Service GmbH: A pioneer for sustainable packaging

Flöter is a leading company in the field of industrial packaging and specialises in sustainable packaging. Through the partnership with Tin Thanh Phat Company, the Swabian firm was able to expand its presence in Southeast Asia. The managing director of the Vietnamese partner, Huu Su Nguyen, was recently appointed as official representative of Flöter in Vietnam. The cooperation enabled Flöter to not only optimise its distribution channels and range of products for the Vietnamese market but also to flexibly adapt its strategies. Jürgen Epple, the person responsible for the Asian market, emphasises the effectiveness of the cooperation in comparison to previous efforts.

Mr Nguyen contributes his profound market knowledge and, moreover, valuable business contacts.

- stresses Jürgen Epple
©Flöter Verpackungs Service GmbH

Mr Nguyen supports Flöter in its market development, not only in Vietnam but also in the emerging economic zones Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos. Thanks to this fruitful partnership, Flöter is on a promising path to further international growth in Southeast Asia.

Tin Thanh Phat Company: Logistics specialist with a focus on sustainability

Tin Thanh Phat Company specialises in logistics solutions with the emphasis on packaging. The visit to the Propak Trade Show in Vietnam enabled Managing Director Nguyen for the first time to present Flöter products to a broad audience, after importing machinery and packaging materials of his German partner in 2022. Nguyen and Flöter meet the growing demand for innovative packaging solutions in Southeast Asia resulting from increasing consumer requirements and increasing online trade with a special product: a completely compostable paper air cushion bag that replaces conventional air cushion film. The cooperation enables Nguyen to expand his product portfolio and, at the same time, also creates sustainable added value for his customers. The approach of his firm is geared to achieving long-term business success – a philosophy he shares with his German partner. Inspired by the Programme in Germany, Nguyen implemented effective measures in his company to raise responsibility and efficiency. By using a strategy tool he discovered during his training, he optimises his goals and achieves measurable results. This contributes significantly to making him well equipped for the challenges and growth opportunities of the future.

Joint contribution to the protection of the environment

The partnership contributes to forming a sustainable economy based on renewable raw materials and hence plays an important role in the implementation of the German sustainability strategy. Flöter and Tin Thanh Phat Company impressively demonstrate that sustainable business practices not only bring about economic success but can also contribute to protecting the environment.