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Energy-efficient food dehydration for farmers from all over the world

Executives from Kyrgyzstan learned about quality assurance in the production of innovative food dryers and technology management during a visit to the German company INNOTECH Ingenieursgesellschaft GmbH.

The medium-sized company INNOTECH, based in Leonberg and Altdorf, develops and produces individual solutions for drying agricultural and pharmaceutical products. These include various types of vegetables and fruits, meat, and herbs, which are successfully processed in more than 110 countries thanks to INNOTECH facilities. The closely interlinked cross-border cooperation with more than 40 scientific institutions, such as the University of Hohenheim, the University of Kassel, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, serves as a lever for innovation and quality improvement in the company. The process for uniform air distribution in INNOTECH’s drying chambers is protected by utility models. Furthermore, the company’s facilities are usually solar or solar supported. The cost-effectiveness of the dryer’s power supply can also be ensured by using biogas, biomass, or hydropower.



Vladislav Ioffe, Business Development Manager at INNOTECH, not only provided an insight into the innovations in the development and production of the machines, but also presented solutions for the Central Asian markets. The company is active in the Central Asian market and is very familiar with Kyrgyzstan’s dried fruit industry. Mr. Ioffe described the exchange with the Kyrgyz entrepreneurs of the Partnering in Business with Germany Programme as promising: “I got to know people from the target regions, received their feedback and understood their needs. After the conversation, I was even more convinced that our technology is of great importance.”

Also, the Kyrgyz executives were enthusiastic, particularly how the company works with farmers, producer groups and industrial customers in a tailor-made way, regardless of whether it is the production of HT mini and tunnel dryers or chamber kilns and special systems with full or partial automation. Even though the machines are very intuitive, user-friendly and require minimal maintenance, INNOTECH offers free training on how to use the equipment safely and efficiently for its customers.


Through this visit, several participants had the opportunity to make important business contacts. Mr. Bakhramzhon Rakhmankulov, co-founder and director of the Central Asia Business Council, shared his impressions: “In Kyrgyzstan, there are challenges in exporting dried fruits due to the lack of drying and processing machinery. INNOTECH offers comprehensive solutions, not only technology, but also training. I think that’s important. Our company has customers who need this equipment, so I will be in touch with Mr. Ioffe.”

Overall, the input-rich and exciting exchange organised by Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg served to strengthen bilateral economic relations between Germany and Kyrgyzstan: The use of Baden-Württemberg’s drying plants can lead to an increase in exports of processed agricultural products.