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A German-Mongolian Success Duo in the Beverage Industry - a refreshing result

In the heart of Mongolia, the country’s oldest brewery produces German beer of the Kaltenberg brand. This special event is the result of a remarkable partnership between Krones AG and APU AG, which was created through the “Partnering in Business with Germany” programme in 2009.



Krones: Growth and progressive internationalisation

For Krones, a worldwide leading manufacturer of beverage lines, the successful cooperation began with the sale of a filling line for cans to the Mongolian partner. This business success laid the foundation for further milestones, including the sale of a PET line for filling plastic pottles, the erection of a fully automated high-bay warehouse and finally the equipping of a complete state-of-the-art brewery. Each of these steps not only consolidated the partnership with APU but also served as an international showcase for Krones’ innovative strength and expertise in the beverage industry.

The partnership enabled Krones to further expand its global influence. Stefan Babeck, Sales Manager for China and Mongolia, emphasises: “We are active in 150 countries. Without APU, it would only be 149.” Every fourth beverage worldwide is filled on Krones lines, which underlines the significance of this company within the industry. Here Avirmed Mendbayar, Export Manager at APU, paved the way for further German companies. The Mongolian partner has already been brewing a wheat beer of the renowned German Kaltenberg brand under licence for more than a decade now − in the brewery equipped by Krones. A German-Mongolian fusion par excellence.

Babeck and Mendbayar, ©Avirmed Mendbayar

APU relies on German technology and reaches new horizons

APU AG, the oldest brewery in Mongolia, experienced not only a significant increase in turnover in the Mongolian market through the partnership but also expanded product diversity. The can filling line marked a turning point in the Mongolian beer market towards regionality and independence. “In the past, we imported canned beer; now we can offer our own products”, says Mendbayar. APU has been able to expand its product portfolio through the German beer produced in the new brewery.

The effective cooperation with Krones in the area of technological training played a central role for the successful operation of the lines on the spot. The APU employees received special training on the Krones lines in Germany, which ensured the smooth integration of the new technology. The new lines led both to a modernisation of the company and the creation of new jobs. Following the innovations, it was also possible to tap new markets in China and South Korea.


“We are active in 150 countries. Without APU, it would only be 149.”

Stefan Babeck, Sales Manager Krones AG


A lasting effect

Today, the brewery in which the German Kaltenberg beer is brewed is not only a symbol of economic success but also cultural exchange. This German-Mongolian partnership contributes to bringing the German culture and economy to Mongolia in an incomparable way.