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German-Mongolian cooperation reaffirmed

Networking at all levels was the focus of the German-Mongolian Business Forum of the Manager Training Program in cooperation with the German-Mongolian Business Association (DMUV) in Ulaanbaatar in mid-June.

With 120 guests, the event was very well received, especially by German business representatives and associations who visited Mongolia as part of other instruments of German foreign trade promotion: the representatives of the German-Mongolian Government Working Group on “Raw Materials Cooperation”, the German-Mongolian Economic Committee and the Market Development Program (MEP) “Raw Materials Economy”.

Manuel Palz, Deputy Head of Unit responsible for the Manager Training Program at the BMWK, and the Vice President and Managing Director of the Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF), Ganbaatar Khuyag, welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of the MP as well as the resulting long-term cooperation opportunities for the economic cooperation of both countries. “The Manager Training Program networks and connects. By supporting active alumni work, we create networks and synergies, promote long-term and sustainable cooperation and thus achieve an impact that goes far beyond the program,” summed up Mr. Palz.

Dr. Magnus Müller, Managing Director of the German-Mongolian Business Association (DMUV)

An input on German-Mongolian economic relations and the opportunities for cooperation was given by the Managing Director of the German-Mongolian Business Association (DMUV), Dr. Magnus Müller. He emphasized the good business opportunities for German companies, which result from a high need for modernization of the Mongolian economy and the orientation towards a stronger diversification and sustainability of the economy.

Speed dating for German and Mongolian companies

During the subsequent panel discussion, in which representatives of the East Asian Association, the BMWK, the GIZ and two alumni participated, the concrete contribution of the MP to the development of German-Mongolian economic relations and the SME sector in Mongolia became clear. In particular, the opportunities of the Mongolian market, which offers business opportunities for German companies in the field of renewable energies, in the food industry or in the construction industry, in addition to the mining and raw materials sector, were highlighted. The positive balance of the MP for the last almost 15 years was vividly illustrated by concrete examples of cooperation between Mongolian and German companies as well as by the successful alumni work.

The exchange of experiences was followed by matchmaking between German and Mongolian companies in the sectors of mining, raw materials, renewable energies, among others. Many Mongolian alumni of the MP come from the extractive industries sector, so that numerous B2Bs took place and many German entrepreneurs of the market development program networked with the alumni of the MP. In addition, 15 companies were represented with exhibition booths to present their products and offers.

Signing of a Joint Declaration on further cooperation

The highlight of the event was the signing of a Joint Declaration on further cooperation between the two countries within the framework of the Manager Training Program until the end of 2025. The Parliamentary State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, Dr. Franziska Brantner, and the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Development of Mongolia, Chimed Khurelbaatar, thus sealed the program continuation for another three years. It was agreed that in the coming years, the focus will be increasingly on groups dealing with current trends such as raw materials management, green technology, energy efficiency and food security, thus taking into account the needs of both national economies.

Chimed Khurelbaatar, Jörn Rosenberg and Dr. Franziska Brantner

The signing was preceded by greetings from the German Ambassador to Mongolia, Jörn Rosenberg, Dr. Franziska Brantner and Chimed Khurelbaatar. Both the ambassador and Dr. Brantner expressed their appreciation for the MP. “The Manager Training Program is a beacon in our bilateral cooperation. It is a positive example of our economic relations,” said the Parliamentary State Secretary in her welcoming speech.

The signing ceremony was followed by a reception hosted by State Secretary Dr. Brantner, where the guests had another excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and deepen bilateral relations.